How to get to Koh Chang by Car

Koh Chang by CarTrat is accessible from three major routes from Bangkok. The journey time is about 4 hours. For greater comfort and better road use toll roads BANGKOK-CHONBURI to the last exit or highway BANGKOK-CHONBURI and take exit Ban Bung-Klaeng-Chantaburi.


Route No. 1
Bangna-Chonburi-Ban-Klaeng Bung-Chantaburi-Trat / pay Tollway
Distance: 315 km


(a) Take the highway No.3 ( Bangna-Trat road) until you reach the Chonburi by-pass. You can either go for normal road or a new way of upper level  BANGKOK-Chonburi pay tollway, which is directly above it. The toll is 55 Baht.
(b) Exit from the main road, go left and follow the Chonburi by-pass, which is marked as Pattaya-Rayong.
(c) Continue direction to Rayong, untill you see sign Ban Bung-Klaeng-Chanthaburi a Bang Saen-Pattaya.
(d) Take the Ban Bung-Klaeng-Chanthaburi on the left side.
You are now on Highway No. 344
(e) Turn right at the intersection of Ban Bung-Klaeng  and continue on until you get the connection to the Chanthaburi-Rayong. Take the left road in Chantaburi and certainly avoids city, which is on your right. This is again Highway No.3. Instead, go straight, to the intersection Sa Kaew-Trat.
(f) Turn right and drive to the town of Trat.
(g) Alternatively, you can go directly to all three ferry piers without passing through Trat. Look for the sign Laem Ngob at the intersection Laem Ngob track in the village Saen Tung. You may notice a PTT petrol station on your left, which is before the intersection. Turn right to Laem Ngob. It is Highway No. 3156 (LAEM NGOB-SAEN TUNG ROAD). Follow this road untill you will reach the first pier AO Thammachat, after this pier then follow Centre Point Pier and Kromaluang  Chumporn.


Route No. 2
Bangna-Chonburi-Ban-Klaeng Bung-Chantaburi-Trat / highway
The highway is another alternative, possibly by far the easiest and most convenient. From Rama IX Road untill Srinakarin Road, exit after paying the second toll, path leads through the Ban Bung-Klaeng-Chantaburi and finally Trat. The total cost of tolls is 60 Baht.


Route No. 3
Distance: 385 km


This is another way for the use of a highway No. 3, but it takes longer, because of the need to pass Chonburi province.